GamesCon Audiocast #1: E3 Audiocast's Gamescon Edition


> Welcome to everyone from Mr. Mike I have known that Gamescon has been
pretty big lately like E3. So I will be using instead of the GamerTech
Audiocast podcast platform for Gamescon and will use the E3 platform
which will keep the E3 Podcast platform a bit more fresh... At least
in the summer.

> I Mr. Mike talk alot...I mean ALOT of big time Gamescon game and console
announcements so sit back and try to relax, even though you will blow your
mind on what BIG announcements have been going on here at GamesCon!!!

Small Games Talk Sample:
> PS4 Release Date
> Day 1 Editions Games
> PSVita NEW Life!
> Minecraft
> DeadRising 3
> Gaming Hardware
> AND MORE!.........


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Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Length: 1:37:25


Hey all Gamers and E3 enthusiasts out there Mr. Mike here with Important News:

Currently I have finally updated this E3 Podcast which was gone from Itunes and unable to update the feed due to feed bad code and broken links Etc.

here is the points I finally found what had been broken and NOW fixed!

  • Updated to the NEW Final Podcast name "E3 Gamer Audiocast"
  • Updated Feed details
  • Fixed the url and Rss feeds
  • Updated The Podcast Subscription Button/Feed Button
  • Submitted My New Podcast Name for Itunes

Hope you all enjoy the new name, the ability to get to know the podcast name, & finally being able to properly subscribe to this feed Enjoy!