E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: XBOX Gamescom 2015

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* quantum break 1st party game from remody makers of a length wake, game
have a bullet time aspect to it like that John woo game or timeshift.

*  Crackdown 3, fully new city, calling it the ultimate sandbox, fully
destructible city with the MS cloud 20x more power than an XboxOne in online
only? Plus Multiplayer..

* Scalebound, platinum games - a very interesting game with a main
protagonist & his dragon open world rpg?? Has a final fantasy feel to it.
Has 4 player co-op announced for it holiday 2016

* full function over the air tv dvr for xboxone! Can be streamed to any
Windows 10 device & download to any device for on the go playing coming

* xbox chat pad announced for preorder with volume controls, 2 programmable
buttons, a headset jack, works on all x1 controllers & coming this November!

* xbox 360 backwards compatibility on X1 will now include all xbox 360 games
with gold backwards compatibility Great!
Coming this November with lots of partners!!

* kI coming to win10 & if you purchased it on the x1 you get all of that
free in the win 10 version! Plus KI season 3 is coming March 2016!  Rash
from battle toads coming to KI today

* ID@Xbox - bloodstained ritual of the night, a 2.5d sidescrolling game for
X1 & Win10 with cross play,  cities skylines coming to X1!, Train simulator
1st on XboxOne!!, ukulele coming to Xbox one, teams worms wmd coming,
timbered park coming to X1 a point & click adventure by Ron Gilbert., Ark
survival Dino killing game coming to Xbox preview program.
We happy few - 1st on XboxOne & pc, looks like a horror bioshock game!

* talking about Directx12 & gaming on Windows 10. Showed a very very
impressive looking demo, talking about game dvr on pc

* Mojang - talked Win10 version beta, talked cobalt a new side scrolling
game with co-op & Multiplayer. The guy was stumbling all over his words!

* DarkSouls 3 Announced - Bandi coming 2016

* Homefront the revolution announced, an open world shooter from deep
silver, X1 owners get 1st playable preview, about a torn America taken over
by a foreign nation. Coming 2016

* talked EA fifa idc passed..

* Halo 5 Guardians shown off, 1st showed off lots of Multiplayer for the
Showed off a new map called Coliseum. Had 2 pro E-sports callers calling the
multi game.

* announced a 1tb halo 5 themed xboxone console with themed controller &

digital ver. Of the game, October 20th, preorder now!
* Just Cause 3, December 1st

* Forza motorsport 6, over 450 forza Vista cars, great rain weather effects,
a great looking racing game. Night or day, 1080p 60fps, looks better than
gran turismo, coming Sept 15th

* rainbow 6 siege shown

* Rise of the TombRaider, Basecamp is still in the game with cutomizable
weapons & skills, Lara has bad ass skills now. Great stealth & double kill
action, & the tombs coming Nov 13th 2015

NOTE: alot of presenters couldn't read the teleprompter during their
presentation guess they don't present much lol

* HaloWars2 in fall 2016 for X1 & Win10 to finish the show..

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: AfterMath

E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: AfterMath

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* This is the Final E3 2015 Audiocast, I hope you enjoyed E3 this year and
 all the coverage that I have tried to give you with the articles, podcasts,
News, Ect...

* I go through E3 2015 with a fine colb and talk about how I
felt about this years show, Pssss. It was amazing! Mostly!!
Talking about what was hot in gaming to what was not! The good,
bad, & ugly! This was a show of shows.... ENJOY!

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: SquareEnix Press Conference

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(E3 2015 SquareEnix)
* (Just Cause 3) Starts the show & phillip Rogers CEO kicks off
the show talking how they haven't did a E3 show in a while!

* (Just Cause 3) stated coming out later this year!  Rolan
Lesturan lead game developer for Avalanche studios came out to

talk about the game and how it is brought to Next-Gen. 
A over 400 square mile adventure, December/1st/2015 on X1,PS4,PC
shows an explosive impressive trailer! tons of chaos and
destruction! Ricko carries a gun rack of weapons and bullets!
tons of vehicles, all building can blow up! Basically a
Mercenaries game!! Plus online super fun play.

* A game in early development being shown off, starts with a slow
piano playing showing epic scenery, More info in Fall 2015, a new
(Neir) Game in development. a man in a weird cloak and metal
smiling face head talks to the press weird!! weird guys keep

* Now showing off some (Rise of the Tomb Raider), Nov/10th/2015
all about lara and her journey yes!  showing a behind the scenes
look at the look of lara how she was modeled from head to toe to
blood and clothing, Note: of course made by Men LoL, oh and they
said they put the tombs back in tombraider! lol

* (Lara croft Go) a mobile game showing off a turn based game
with a soundtrack to match a a dino that sounds like godzilla by
the people who brought you hitman Go

* showed a video montage of (Heavensword), (Life is Strange), 
(dragon quest heros)

* We see again the trailer for (Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake), play
it 1st on PS, and more info to come this winter. also talks about
bringing FF7 PC version to PS4 in 2015.

* (Kingdom Hearts Unchained) mobile game being announced coming
to america and else where the 1st dedicated for mobile

* (Kingdom Hearts 3) They show people from Disney collaborating
with square for this epic game, coming to XboxOne, PS4, & PC
Game looks like a good looking RPG platformer, Stated Now in

* (World of Final Fantasy) with little mini like characters that
can grow and be ridden, coming 2016 to PS4 & Vita

* (Hitman) Dec 8th a digital release, will release new areas, and
scenarios overtime, sounds like an online collaboration on how a
hit should die and if the hit gets away that hit is gone forever,
you return as agent 47, showed off a trailer after, can kill in
front of everyone or by secret, plan the perfect hit, new
missions, targets, areas over time. coming on X1, PS4, Steam

* (Hitman sniper) mobile was shown, (Triad Wars), (FF15) video
montage shown

* Next showing a video montage of the StarOcean games, (Star
Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness) announced a Japanese rpg,
North America & Europe coming 2016

* (DeusEx Mankind divided) talked about the Dawn engine, talked
about the setting of the game, set in the future in the guetto
lol, talking how about the character Jenson is basically human
evolution, an RPG experience, shows the 1st in game trailer. has
a futuristic look to it with corruption all around, coming early
2016 - coming to X1, PS4, PC

* Lastly the showed off a (Final Fantasy Photo App) coming this
summer in the US

* A New Studio called Tokyo RPG Factory! LoL, showing off early
concept art of an unknown title, no other info yet, the speaker
sounds and looks like a robot ha ha ha!  and just keeps talking!
Then shows off an ending video montage video with devs coming on

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Nintendo Press Conference

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(E3 2015 Nintendo)
* puppet Iwata as they start off the conference with puppets & puppet Reggie, & puppet Myamotto LoL!and they get in the news room and start turning into star fox characters!!!LOL..
Come on fox do a barral roll!

* StarFox Zero - Holiday 2015! announced
Next showed off myamoto talking about his Starfox dreams.. and speaking how he wanted StarFox would look and play. Tells how using the gamepad helps at playing the game with a cockpit look and how it plays on the controller

* Reggie comes out to say thanks for watching the begining of the show & how it represents how the company will move forward.

*(Super Mario Maker) sept/11/15

* Amibo & activision talking skylanders with super charged bowser & donkey kong amibo hybrids, then talking about how Nintendo was very protective over their characters.

* 1st look showed (Zelda Tri-Force Heros) 3ds, and showed off the creators talking about the game giving their insight on how it was developed.

* (Hyrule warriors legends) 3DS Oct

* (Metroide federation force) coming 2016 Only on 3DS

* (Fire Emblem Fates) 3DS 2016

* showed some 3ds game trailer all in japanese, with LOTs of bras, pannies wow.. (Fire Emblem) Atlus 2016

* Then showed puppet Iwada sitting at his desk with bananas in hand

* (Xenoblade chronicals X) 12/4/15

* Animal Crossing happy home designer 9/25/2015

* Animal crossing amibo Festival Party Game! Like a mario party game LoL Holiday 2015!

* Talking (Yoshi's wooly world) Oct/16/2015

* (Yo-Kai Watch’s) Holiday 2015 window

* (Mario & Luigi Paperjam)  Holiday 2015

* (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash) Holiday 2015

* Super Mario Maker was talked about and how Myamoto had created Mario side scrolling games, talked about costume mario, New amibos for the 30th anniversary & a art booklet, showed old drawing and artwork of the original mario game

* Reggie comes back to say goodbye and states more is to show at E3, states you can go into many BestBuy stores to play mario maker, he said mario is in all of us lol Knew he'd say that! then showed over 30 years of mario...showed a music mario montage end video  

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Sony Press Conference

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(E3 Sony)
* Shawn layden was 1st on stage after the sony video game
montage, talking about all the soon exciting games coming to the
sony platform

* (The Last Guardian) Finally shown again for the 1st time in
years of the last announcement, the Guardian still looks amazing
in this game, basically a giant bird like feathery dog, & a young
boy speaking Japanese getting into some trouble and needs
protecting, being saved by the guardian's giant tail, coming

* New franchise from Guerrilla Games, showing off a trailer
stated to be captured off a PS4, people before the characters
were very technical before going into darkness, then the land
changed with the creatures, giant beast robots dangerously run
the land while new tribes fight in a post post apocalypse type
world, looks amazing! a chatty tribes women battles them with
bows and other weapons looks like the heavenly sword character.
a great over grown world (Horizon Zero Dawn)

* Square Enix - (Hitman), agent 47 returns to console & PC with a
very cool hip trailer, and an exclusive console beta.

* (Street Fighter 5)  A playstation Only exclusive & PC! A public
beta on July 25th

* Hello Games - (No Mans Sky) Gameplay, a giant limitless sandbox
with endless worlds, he shows off shooting enemys in space combat
that looks like halo a bit, shows off the vast solar systems by
zooming out, picking an unknown system then hyperdrive to it an
all new planet randomly created, everything fully destructible,
thee are giant mechs to protect the planets sweet. has trading,
fighting, tons of shit! Coming Soon!

* Media Molecule - New IP Project, (Dreams), shows off the game
as a 3d sketch book which you can create and draw via your PS
Controller, bring things to life with performance capture by your
controller, an artistic interesting game. they then showed off
some weird off the rails shit! can virtually create anything you
dream of!

* Campo Santo - (Firewatch) outdoor wilderness survival horror

* (Destiny The Taken King) - gameplay trailer shown, basically a
revenge trailer, 9/15/15, plus all new exclusive content coming

* Assassins Creed Was shown Off Again!

* World of Final Fantasy - on PS4 & vita in 2016

* a new trailer for a game that the music sounded like jaws lol,
a beautiful trailer, final fantasy 7 remake only on ps4, everyone
wanted it and loved it and the guy made a cue cue

* A list of indi games montage trailer shown,crossing souls,

devoier digital

* Shammue 3 kickstarter for Sony PS, then they had a count down
for the start if the kickstarter

* Batman Arkham Knight, showed a trailer of the joker's dead body
being burned and cremated then showed the scarecrow make a cop
shoot civilians, Scarecrow missions 6/23/15

* Morpheus VR, which you can use with your dual shock 4
controllers, and many publishers are on board with it.

* Talked about Spotify partnership, and the tv service
Playstation Vue - which you can subscribe to individual channels,
ps plus members get a discount on subscribing.

* Playstation partnering with Activision for Call Of Duty Black
Ops 3 by Treyarch, use to be a Microsoft partnership but was not
renewed. then they show off the gameplay trailer, nothing to

exciting shown off just more of the same, a bit late for sony
getting the COD Exclusivity... guessing they are showing 4 player
co-op in the game campaign..showed a guy swatting off nano bees.
ps players 1st for all maps and demo play whatever too late lol!

* showed another game montage video...

* then showed off (starwars Disney Infinity 3.0), Twilight of the
Republic, rise against the empire - a limited edition exclusive to
PS Platforms, plus other stuff lol starwars empire playset - boba

fett figure exclusive by the over hype guy lol!
* Showed off more StarWars Battlefront by Dice on PS, the guy
said Luke Skywater yes thats what he said! Looks pretty good and
"we sent you a drop bomb!" stating to play solo or co-op? wtf?

* (Uncharted 4 a thiefs end) trailer was shown, or live demo when
nothing worked and the action started again lol, now with bad
sound finally the game could be played epic end fail! but the
game looks good, great job naughty dog for the good work but bad
on presentation..
a crazy vehicle chase through the city down hill, driving over

huts & buildings, looks like a GTA experience

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: EA & Ubisoft Press Conference

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(E3 EA)
> * ea starts with a western theme song for a New (Mass Effect
Andromeda) 2016 teaser trailer

* ceo andrew wilson starts the show ( he looks like a british
assassin lol) he announces starwars battlefront to close the show
talks about how everyone should just play!

* New (Need for speed) trailer showing live action video, with
drifting! it's police infested & frostbite infested! speed,
style, build, crew outlaw, coming Nov 3rd! realistic looking game
which could rival that of forza. gameplay showing off alot of
drifting art.

* (StarWars the old republic) New expansion, Knights of the
fallen empire oct/27/2015, will be free to all subscribers,
showed off come gameplay VO. They keep saying starwars
battlefront is coming later!

* 2 New IPs stated to be shown: (Unravel), with a yarn cat called
yarnnie, the creator talks about the art of the game with love
and emotion, the guy had a yarnie doll that he made lol, seems
like the game is like yoshi's epic yarn or little big planet. The
gameplay looks fantastic don't know who this game is for?
(PLants vs. zombies garden warefare 2) was shown off. showed off
a live gameplay demo, colorfull fun looking gameplay where now
you face the plants as the zombies, with new plant types, fun
gameplay, GiGaTourchWood!! a giant tree trunk with flames, and a
>getaway garden ops<, solo-mode or co-op mode against ai!
launches in spring 2016! Announced FREE content updates. (Alot of
time was given to Plants vs. Zombies 2)

* Hockey trailer shown, (NHL 16), July 14th (PGA Tour 16)
releases; New sports mechanics for force feedback for games; (NBA
Live 16), hoop god? wtf?? shows face scans for your face in the
game (Game Face HD); they state reliable and stable with better
hoop shooting while holding the shoot button to the shot..
* Mobile: (StarWars Galaxy of Heros), (Minions Paradice) showed
off trailer for game & gameplay footage looks very mobileish

* a soccer player called Pele' came on stage after a soccer
montage trailer, I'm falling asleep now in this conference wow
lol! (Fifa 16) I will not buy or play! yawn... Now they talk
game.... they mention fifa trainer for anyone who cares plus now
play as women wow...

* (Mirrors Edge Catalyst) origion story of the character Faith,
you play as her and dont need guns again lol, made using the
frostbite engine. No levels, No loading screen free roaming open
world, coming Feb/23/2016

* showed off (Madden 16), showing off a vid montage of the
cheaters oh I mean the Patriots lol, oh who cares I dont care for
football anyway, they show off the players, stats, etc., showing
draft champions yaw, they showed off more football crap shame...
still not much in games AT ALL!...

* coo peter moore comes on stage, wow why did you ever leave
Microsoft? talks about Frostbite game engine & (StarWars
BattleFront) showed off actual game models compaired to the fake
ones lol, showing lots of concept pics, finally lets play
starwars wow ea! they showed a person shoot at a tifighter with a
pistol, game looks pretty good, showing the hoth ice planet
battle with the hero and villian fight luke vs. vader.

(E3 Ubisoft)
* (South Park The Stick of Truth: the Fractured But Whole)
announced By tray parker & matt stone A new game they said they
would never make! Aisha Tyler is sexily on stage yeeeessss! Still
tall & Hot! "wonder if the origional game will be backwards

* she talks about ubi's passion and the ceo yeas gillimount came
out talked about gaming passion and announced a new ip to show
off now!

* (For Honor) announced a mid evil like game set through the
ages, and a brutish man comes out with a sword cane talking about
the game, new type of gameplay the art of battle, looks like Ryse
a little bit which meets dynasty warriors, he had 8 players on
stage playing the game

* The Crew wild run, expansion showing off flipping monster
trucks, & racing cars 11/17/2015

* (Trials Fusion Awesome Level max) expansion pack announced, a
cat riding a fire breathing unicorn!!

* (The Division) A live action RPG being showed off again, maybe
finally a release date?? They show off what is called the dark
zone, showing off opposing teams going after the enemy, and the
people are talking in fake ingame chat that is not realistic at
all, then one man kills the whole group to take the loot and run,
Betas coming next year 2016 for XboxOne, PS4, & PC, & a March 8th
2016 release!

* by blue byte productions, game looks like red faction a bit, a
space city building game (Anno 2205), Nov 5th

* (Just Dance 2016), & you dont Need a camera to play and can use
just a smart phone, then jason derulo or whatever his name is
came on stage to sing and dance with his backup crew lol!,
available on all platforms this october! also anounced (Just
dance unlimited streaming service)

* (Rainbow Six Siege) Announced showed the realistic trailer with
a great look and feel, angella bassett played six in the game,
they talk about how she played the character and other characters
she played in other things.  Terrohunt mode, showing co-op
multiplayer defusing a bomb mission Beta starts Sept/24th/2015 on
all platforms.

* (track mainia turbo), coming to next gen consoles from PC
finally, showing off a great Fast looking game, 200 total tracks,
plus infinite tracks you can play, crazy looking ways to play and
drive. No release date given yet

* (Assassins creed Syndicate) more assassins creed if you want it
or not! showing off a gitty city and alot of people wearing irish
caps, then the assassin trailer ends up in a pub with a pub
fight. more gears and machines in the middle of the industrial
revolution, set in london not irish, looks average no gameplay
footage yawn.

* the Ubi CEO comes back on with a game trailer with dead person
money, & blood, showing off an assassination of a cocain dealer
and a truck goes off the road, squad based shooter, massive open
world, (Ghost Recon WildLand) ends the show..
No Rabbids, No Big New IPs....

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Microsoft Press Conference

* 1st showed off a game Montage

* bonnie Ross from 343 industries came out to start the show

* (halo 5 guardians shown off 1st), showing off the 1st gameplay,
looking very colorful and pretty, your playing as Locke in the

1st part searching for chief,
Your with your squad and can give them commands for strategy.
Enemies break apart in pretty light fragments like fire sparks,
coming out 10/27/15

In the game you can control 2 squads master chiefs & locke's
They showed off the halo 5 multiplayer, war zone multiplayer

* showing off a ms game world premiere xbox exclusive, record
spring 2016, a game where you can change characters with orbs, an
exclusive 1st party franchise

* Phil Spencer came on to thank fans and intoduce (xbox 360
backwards compatibility on xboxone!!!)  Both retail disks &
digital, available today for preview members & rest in the

* (showing off a new Xbox controller)  amazing lots of

* next tod howard came out to show off (fallout 4), using the new
customazation engine, showed off a new weapon in the game called
a Lazar musket, crank & shoot!  Mods created on PC can be shared
and played on xboxone for free!

* Peter moore, ea, talks (ea access) talking about titainfall &
dragonage inquisition coming soon, talks about access being free
all week this week, also announced p(lants vs. Zombies garden
warfare 2!) Showed trailer spring 2016 crazy trailer!

* (Forza motorsport 6) showed the new exclusive trailer, over 450
unique cars, tons of places to driving , Sept 16th!

* from software inc. & bandi namco, (dark souls 3), early 2016

* ubisoft, (tom clancy's the division)  world premiere trailer,

realistic rpg, xboxone exclusive beta invite this december!
(Rainbow siege) 10/13/15, talks xbox360 backwards compatibility
older rainbow 6 games come free when you purchase seige!

* xboxone & win 10 exclusive: (Gigantic) a free to play game demo
coming 2016

* showed off a video Montage of indi games coming to id@xbox,
showed (tacoma) by full bright studios, 1st on x1 & win 10 coming
2016;  aurora44 showed (ashen), x1 exclusive; (beyond eyes)
summer 2015, (cuphead, don't deal with the devil) by mdhr studios
a classic cartoon style game exclusive to  x1
(Xboxone game preview), where you can try & buy any developed or
in dev games. Starts today 2 downloads available now!  Shown
(ion) a new game by day z dev

* Brian Horton of crystal dynamics, (rise of the tomb raider)
holiday 2015, shown gameplay, showing a bit of call of duty style
gameplay in climbing!, looks to still making bows & killing
animals, tombs, underwater caverns, nov/10/2015

* rare, rare replay 30 games for $30! Aug/4/2015, 30th

Stream went out on the Xbox live App! Sad got it working later..
don't know what I missed..
(Sea of theves)

* x1 & windows 10 exclusive, free to play on x1 with gold, fable

* kudo tsunodo vp @ Microsoft, talking vr with valve? Wow! &
oculas rift both can use the x1 controller , talks ms holo-lens,
talks minecraft & minecon 2015 in london, a new version of
minecraft built from ground up for holocaust lens, created a vr
world on the show table in real time!  Very cool
* rod fergusson, (gears of war ultimate edition!) Coming: august 25th 2015
The new gears of war game showed off looking great!, started
showing 2 new characters and great looking world chainsaw gun
included!, Gears announced holiday 2016!

* xbox experiences coming July 29th for Windows 10 more to come!

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Bethesda Press Conference

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(E3 Bethesda Show Notes)

> E3 2015 : Bethesda Press Conference

Tried to watch on my xboxone via twitch.tv but sucky sound & picture so watched live on YouTube live! Way better!!

* adam sessler & Morgan Webb  host the conference wow former g4/xplay hosts

* started the show with a dev Montage video then vp Pete Hines comes on stage

* (Doom 1st game) talked & shown,  & the shotgun is back & your in a 1st person future suit

Great looking demons & mele kills, beautiful graphics amazing

Seems like enemies have some sort of hit points of sort & drop items like in borderlands

When entering the hud to switch weapons time slows plus 1st person chainsaw , then character dies at end by getting his arms ripped off and used to slap his head to death.

Next Doom multiplayer was shown!

Doom Snap map create your own levels in both single & multiplayer share with anyone on any platform, easy to use and create!

Lastly the showed the the doom in hell level, no release date except for a spring 2016 release for XboxOne,Ps4,&PC!

They stated all the online & creation tools like elder scrolls online were using the Bethesda......

* showed an online game called(battlecry online), coming this 2015

* Arkane Studios: an assassin game like the darkness attributes  (Dishonored 2),  for all consoles in March 2016

* (elder scrolls online) was shown about launched for XboxOne & Ps4, showed off dlc expansions

* (elder scrolls legends) a strategy cardgame for mobile

* (fallout4) tod howard comes on stage, he metioned that he was old 21 years in the business even before e3 began!

Showed 1st a concept art trailer & talked about how they started fallout 4 right after fallout 3

Showed a brand new facial creator powerful, & can play as a man or women with dialog

They show the game before the fallout ( didn't show off all due to Keeping a surprise), nuclear war the baby survives the bomb

Play in 1st or 3rd person still with dynamic dialog

Meet up with the dog and give it commands, vats & rad roaches still in game!!

Ruins of downtown Boston

A new advanced pip boy introduced, with motion graphics, ability to play audio files, & games like a rip off of donkey Kong

He introduced the pip boy edition, put your phone in it, plus you can use the app on your android/ios without pip boy

They created a mobile game called (fallout shelter), create your own shelter, available  for free no pay walls or online needed! Only ios?

In fallout 4 you can rebuild your own structure, a place for you & your dog to live in veery in depth! "Tod howard states it just work's!" Can build defence like turrets ect. An optional part of fallout4

Tons of weapons & over 700 mods for those weapons!!

Even mod your own power armor...

3rd person, 1st person, & vats all great for combat!

Nov/10/2015! Release!

In the aftershow Todd howard stated there is More! When it comes to Fallout4 that wasn't shown yet....

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E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: E3 PreShow

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> I Mr. Mike will talk about what's going down this year at E3 on this E3 Gamer Audiocast PreShow.  Also talking predictions, to what I want from E3, to Bethesda's soon press conference, to schedules. All its going down starting Tonight at E3 2015!      .......ENJOY!

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Counting Down To E3 2015!!

We here are Now counting down to E3 2015 with high hopes for to see great Press conferences & of course the GAMES!!

The podcast schedule as follows each Press Conference when recorded and done, may be subject to change due to the very tight conference schedule for each presenter.

Here is the current list for times for each Conference!:

E3 2015 Live Streams and Press Conferences

     E3 2015 Podcast       
Conference Time
Bethesda [1]
June 14 – 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET
Microsoft [2]
June 15 - 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET
EA [3]
June 15 - 1pm PT / 4pm ET 
June 15 - 3pm PT / 6pm ET
June 15 - 6pm PT / 9pm ET
June 16 - 9am PT/ 12pm ET
Square Enix [4]
June 16 - 10am PT/ 1pm ET
PC Gaming Show [5]
June 16 - 5pm PT/8pm ET

Bethesda - Sunday, June 14

Bethesda's announced its first ever E3 conference on Feburary 10, 2015. While there is still little information about the conference, there are rumors that Bethesda will announce the next Fallout game. For those not at E3 2015, Bethesda is live streaming its conference on Twitch and Youtube on Sunday, June 14.

Microsoft - Monday, June 15

Microsoft's E3 2015 conference will be aired on Spike TV and streamed on Xbox's website and on Xbox consoles. Microsoft will present their conference on Monday, June 15 at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET. Along with their conference, Microsoft announced Xbox FanFest: E3 2015.

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 16[6]

In addition to the Nintendo Digital event that starts at 9am PT, Nintendo is revivng its World Championships. Nintendo will also have it's Nintendo Treehouse live stream and another Nintendo Access event at Best Buy where a trail version of Mario Maker will be available. As far as games go, Nintendo has confirmed that the new Legend of Zelda game will not be at the conference, but they will have a playable version of the upcoming Star Fox for Wii U.

Square Enix - Tuesday, June 16

On April 23, 2015, Square Enix announced their first ever E3 press conference. Square Enix didn't give many details on what we should expect from their conference on Tuesday, June 16, but they said they will discuss an "exciting slate of games coming out in 2015 and beyond. The conference will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube