Counting Down To E3 2015!!

We here are Now counting down to E3 2015 with high hopes for to see great Press conferences & of course the GAMES!!

The podcast schedule as follows each Press Conference when recorded and done, may be subject to change due to the very tight conference schedule for each presenter.

Here is the current list for times for each Conference!:

E3 2015 Live Streams and Press Conferences

     E3 2015 Podcast       
Conference Time
Bethesda [1]
June 14 – 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET
Microsoft [2]
June 15 - 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET
EA [3]
June 15 - 1pm PT / 4pm ET 
June 15 - 3pm PT / 6pm ET
June 15 - 6pm PT / 9pm ET
June 16 - 9am PT/ 12pm ET
Square Enix [4]
June 16 - 10am PT/ 1pm ET
PC Gaming Show [5]
June 16 - 5pm PT/8pm ET

Bethesda - Sunday, June 14

Bethesda's announced its first ever E3 conference on Feburary 10, 2015. While there is still little information about the conference, there are rumors that Bethesda will announce the next Fallout game. For those not at E3 2015, Bethesda is live streaming its conference on Twitch and Youtube on Sunday, June 14.

Microsoft - Monday, June 15

Microsoft's E3 2015 conference will be aired on Spike TV and streamed on Xbox's website and on Xbox consoles. Microsoft will present their conference on Monday, June 15 at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET. Along with their conference, Microsoft announced Xbox FanFest: E3 2015.

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 16[6]

In addition to the Nintendo Digital event that starts at 9am PT, Nintendo is revivng its World Championships. Nintendo will also have it's Nintendo Treehouse live stream and another Nintendo Access event at Best Buy where a trail version of Mario Maker will be available. As far as games go, Nintendo has confirmed that the new Legend of Zelda game will not be at the conference, but they will have a playable version of the upcoming Star Fox for Wii U.

Square Enix - Tuesday, June 16

On April 23, 2015, Square Enix announced their first ever E3 press conference. Square Enix didn't give many details on what we should expect from their conference on Tuesday, June 16, but they said they will discuss an "exciting slate of games coming out in 2015 and beyond. The conference will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube