E3Gamer Audiocast 2017: AFTERMATH

These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Conferences on
what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I
have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on
Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My
E32017 Podcast Comes Out. ENJOY!

End of E3 2017 E3 2018 Dates: according to a sign on display in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will return next year and run from June 12-14 Tuesday - Thursday. Only 3 Days Next year huh?? No Monday..

So Have I predicted Correctly? $499.99 for the XboxOneX – YES, There will be a New Fallout game from Bethesda’s partner Obsidian Entertainment just like New Vegas was to Fallout4 – NO, There will be an announcement from Nintendo on Mario Maker Switch & Super Smash Bros. Switch Deluxe Ports from the WiiU – HELLNO! Sad.., The Next Tomb Raider Game will get announced – NO, A Big Halo surprise will be announced even though the next Halo game is a bit off – NO,  Microsoft will have a lot of games to show – OH YES!, Phil Spencer will announce Xbox Original Games Backwards Compatibility – YES, XboxOneX will release on Nov/10/2017 – YES & NO!(It releases in November but on the 7th which is Tues), And Crackdown 3 will be announced for a 2017 release – YES.

How did I feel about each Press Conference?
EA – GOOD!   Microsoft- GREAT!  Bethesda- OK!   Ubisoft- GOOD!  Sony- POOR!  Nintendo- GREAT!  

What Could We See for E3 2018? & What Do I Want In 2018??
1.    The Next TombRaider Game
2.    Switch Based Mario Maker
3.    Switch Based Super Smash Bros.
4.    Next Halo
5.    Next Elder Scrolls or Fallout Adventure
6.    More Switch Titles
7.    Switch – Get That Virtual Console Already so I can Pay you $$ for Super Mario World & Plus.
8.    Better Digital Sales
9.    More features for the X1 Media player!

E3 GAMES NEWS 2017!!!

Thanks Everyone for listening to my E3Gamer 2017 Podcasts I hope you enjoyed the informative news I have given with my predictions and opinions on the games and games industry. Thanks Again! & ENJOY!!!!

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