E3Gamer Audiocast 2017: SONY PRESS CONFERENCE

These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Conferences on
what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I
have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on
Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My
E32017 Podcast Comes Out. ENJOY!

Opens with their epic Montage trailer of games, also showing some vr stuff.

Shows a quick commercial of ps vue TV shish!

Gold $249.99 Ps4 commercial next hhhhhaaaa..

Starts off the show with live Indian music all sitting Indian style while playing lol...

A naughty dog game: Uncharted the lost legacy

A guarilla game: Horizon zero Dawn the Frozen wilds

A motorcycle guy tells his dad to go to hell drives off in the rain gets some wolves on him as he shoots them then gets knocked off his bike by men that he kills.  OK it's that massive zombie game - Days Gone

OK the snubby Sony guy is talking PS4 4k for 4k speaking that they have all the games lol!

OK a man with a giant sword in a land of dinosaurs & creatures, swinging around fighting fire breathing creatures: Monster Hunter World  then at the end he roasts some Dino meat lol

Next it looks like a Shadow of the Colosis coming 2018

Marvel vs. Capcom infinite Sept 17th?

OK Activision shows a trailer for the new Call of Duty WW2

Now showing off PSVR after the stream got frozen , Star Child announced and these other games like Skyrimvr, Moss, FF XV Monsters of the Deep, bravo team

Now finally more God of War in trailer, showing off a more axe focused combat action in a new perspective looks very good, definitely a new look and chapter for the God of War series, shows a very giant serpent creature that wants to help, early 2018

In the city of Detroit showing a wintery setting, cyborgs trying to free their kind and themselves, a big android uprising going on destroying property etc.  Game: Detroit Become Human

This next game looks like Halo a bit with this trailer with a brute like creature, halo esc look & weapons....oh Destiny 2 of course! That's why Bungie's own game ripoff shish

OK now Sony is showing their exclusive spiderman game that is only for Play station shame for those who like spidey but don't want to buy a Ps4 to play..
But the game so far looks like your generic spidey game. Good looking but lame is gameplay Marvel Spiderman 2018

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